Workshops for Runners

A series of 3×3 hours, bookable individually too

This workshop is for all runners who would like to improve their running technique and ease.

All workshops are focussing on practical experiencing. The first 90 minutes indoors with educational exercises, for the second half of the workshop we go outside to use the new inputs in our running.

“Easy, light, smooth, fast” (Christopher McDougall, “Born to run”)

1: Flexors flex, Extensors extend

 – Basic bio-mechanic principles for an easier run – 

in this workshop we will discover which muscle slings in our body have which functions in running and how all the leg joints play together in running.

Topics are:

  • Pronation / Supination
  • Knee stabilisation
  • Hip joint extension and flexion Hüftgelenk
  • Pelvis movement

2: Elastic Energy Saving

– Fascial recoil and fascial elasticity as energy source for easier running with less muscle work and higher performance –

In this workshop we will focus on fascial elasticity and rebound during running. In diesem Workshop geht es darum, die fasziale Elastizität im Laufen zu erkennen und zu fördern. You will discover how the fascial system, especially the fascial recoil, is a motor in running that has no energetic cost, as it does not need oxygen or Glucose to work. In this way, running can save energy expenditure of the muscles with increased performance.

Topics are:

  • Body positioning
  • The use of the arms
  • the rotations of the body
  • Muscle contraction versus lengthening (expansion)

3: Aware Running

– The activation of bio-intelligence for fluent, light and efficient running –

In this workshop you will discover, that your body runs you rather than you doing the running. You will experience how our thoughts as inner environment and the outer environment influence our movement pattern and how we can direct and control these processes through awareness.

Topics are

  • thought operated running
  • Rhythm
  • Auto-Regulation and Self-Regulation
Joachim Schultz
Mobil: 078 890 88 58

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