Pregnancy within the fascial net

Insights gained from supporting women with Pilates through pregnancy 

In my 15 years of Pilates teaching I have often successfully supported women through their pregnancy with individually tailored Pilates, I have noticed that the knowledge gained from fascial researchers will and should lead to a change of thinking for training approaches during pregnancy. Postural and back problems and pain issues reduced dramatically or resolved completely. 

This workshop covers the embryonal development with a focus on fascial development and the resulting adaptations of the mother’s body. 

You will experience 

  • How expansion into her tensegrity body allows the mother to create space for the child 
  • How the diaphragm and with it the breathing changes with the child’s development 
  •  How the pelvic floor and the stabilising musculature react to the developing child and how you can help these processes 

This workshop focusses on the support possibilities during pregnancy but will cover briefly my ideas to post-natal approaches. 

Joachim Schultz
mobile:078 890 88 58

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