The Auto-Regulating Body

enabled and made easy through the use of the Pilates apparatus and repertoire

You will experience how your awareness and attention is the key and the only thing needed to guide your body into action, appropriate and sufficient for the task.

We will use the Pilates apparatus and studio repertoire to find out how to focus our attention to trigger all the important functions of the fascial body into action

You will discover the difference between self-regulation and auto-regulation and how the first is needed to allow for the second to be happening.  

You will understand, appreciate and become aware of the workings of your body, when it is left to work without our interference.

You will experience allowing the body to happen and understand the concept of ‘falling into organization’. 

We will visit the importance of ‘constant and consistent contact’ and load distribution to achieve this.

We will experiment with different words, images and thoughts to discover how they are played out in our bodies. You will experience the importance of resonance between teacher and student along the way.

Joachim Schultz
mobile: 078 890 88 58

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