Free the Male Pelvis

Little differences with big impact

This workshop explores how the male pelvic anatomy influences everyday movement patterns. It will introduce strategies to free movement within and around the pelvis. 

“My journey into my pelvis truly started at the ag of 14 with ballroom dancing lessons. I had to hear a lot, that my pelvis wouldn’t move properly. However, nobody seemed to be able to coach me how to change this. Since my fascial movement discoveries, I have explored strategies, that have freed my pelvis and led to pleasurable and free movement all over. “ 

In this workshop we will speak openly about sexuality. You should feel comfortable enough, to speak about this topic in an intimate and secure setting of a small group. 

The theoretical part will cover:

  • Which anatomical basics apply and which specific characteristics the male pelvis and sexual organs have applying to fascial movement patterns. 
  • How men grow from babies and are formed 
  • How attitudes, belief systems and expectations towards sexuality influence the freedom or holding patterns in and around the pelvis 
  • How holding patterns of the pelvis can lead to multiple physiological issues 
  • What physiologically needs to happen for an erection to happen or to be hindered. 
  • What happens to the male pelvis during orgasm if it is free to play. 
  • Which strains happen during intercourse if the pelvis is not free to oscillate and vibrate. 

The practical part will cover:

  • How man feels to live with external sexual organs without “hiding them away” 
  • What man changes in pelvic movement through the choice of clothing he prefers 
  • How man walks and how man sits
  • Mow man can receive the gift of an oscillating and vibrating pelvis. 

I will work with props to render a felt experience possible for female participants

Joachim Schultz
mobile: 078 890 88 58

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