Easy Locomotion through Pilates

Walking and Running freed, enabled and made easy through the use of the Pilates apparatus and repertoire

This workshop will be looking at the organization of bone and tissue structures in walking and running 

  • What functions do they have?
  • What movements do they enable and restrict?
  • What role do they play? 
  • What are the requirements of the supporting tissue? 

Viewed through the lens of fascia, we will use the common and not so common classical Pilates studio repertoire to:

  • Notice and free any limitations 
  • Learn and experience how we can assess global habit patterns playing out in a person’s walking or running 
  • Focus on the required elements that might be in need of help, taking them out and under the  ‘microscope’ and then putting it all together again.

This workshop will enable you to assess and help yourself and your clients to become free and fluid. So that we can all walk and run with joy, effortless and pain-free.

Joachim Schultz
mobile: 078 890 88 58

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