A learning environment that enables change

“When a flower doesn’t grow, you fix the environment in which it grows not the flower” Alexander Den Heijer

We will experience how the environment we are creating as teachers is enabling or disabling our client’s development. 

We will experiment with techniques and ideas, words, touch and thinking processes that transform our teaching practice into the nurturing environment we are looking for.

This workshop will be looking into the differences we can bring into all the elements of our teaching. 

It will help you to develop your individual teaching style, using guidelines and techniques that enable you to help your clients to find the best in themselves, and you the best in yourself.

We will look into the elements of imparting knowledge, listening skills, touch cueing, verbal cuing, and how we create resonance or dissonance while teaching.

You will experience how we trigger enthusiasm for change rather than curbing it, and how in this way, every session given enriches you as much as your client, leading to new discoveries for both of you every time.

Joachim Schultz
mobile: 078 890 88 58

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