Craniosacral Therapy in Water

Recharge – Release – Gain New Energy

Craniosacral Therapie Zürich
Sébastien Chaboute
mobile: 076 336 17 93

The water and the therapy pool impart an additional sense of comfort and security for Craniosacral Therapy.  

Through the sense of weightlessness, we are able to connect to old hurts and trauma, which have the potential to lead us back into the earliest times of our being.  Once arrived our body is able to release old memories and tensions into the water.

The water element is a source of energy that allows you to find harmony and comfort.  

I support your body’s healing journey and enable you to fully abandon yourself in the water. 

This form of treatment is especially recommended for 

  • neck and back pain
  • arthritis
  • rheumatoid diseases
  • stress
  • trauma  
  • inner turmoil

Treatment for Couples 

If a couple has moved out of consonance, the joint vibes become dissonant – communication becomes difficult. 

Through a water treatment I can help couples to find their way (back) to common vibes on a non-verbal body level.  The water helps to feel carried and to carry the other, to newly discover the emotional bond and multiple channels of communication.  

A common wave length and understanding for each other are nurtured and achieved. 

The treatment takes place at a private therapy pool in Zurich Wiedikon.