Craniosacral Therapy

Subtle manual impulses give rise to positive changes 

Craniosacral Therapie Sébastien Chabouté
Sébastien Chaboute
mobile: 076 336 17 93
“Sebastien has treated me craniosacral or emotionally supportive several times. His expertise was very valuable to me. My recovery time after competitions or injuries was much reduced.” B.D. Zürich (translated by J.S)

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle manual whole-body therapy. It nurtures the bodies potential to heal itself and re-balances the whole body. 

Craniosacral therapy is particularly effective with infants and children.

I developed a form of craniosacral therapy within water, for which I use a private therapy pool.

Potential uses of craniosacral therapy

  • chronical and acute pain
  • headache and migraine
  • Difficulty of hearing and seeing, as well as tinnitus
  • Stress and its results
  • Emotional disbalances
  • Improvement of the immune system
  • Organic disease
  • Recovery from illness
  • Support and regeneration from sport activities and stressful experiences

The subtle manual input of craniosacral therapy supports human health and inner resources. 

Structure and function of all human tissue are improved and harmonised. 

Muscles, bones and organs relax and cellular metabolism and regeneration are stimulated. All levels of being human are balanced. 

The treatment is system rather than symptom orientated. 

I am EMR, Craniosuisse and OdaKT certified and the treatments are covered by complementary health insurance

Animal Assisted Therapy

Paolo my Segugio Italiano

In some situations, Paolo, my 9-year-old Seggugio Italiano, assists to strengthen old and gain new resources Paolo is a sweet and relaxed dog who enjoys cuddles. 

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