Teacher Training

I offer coaching, workshops and further education for Pilates trainers and all other movement professionals.

I have many years of experience as faculty member for Centre for Spatial Medicine and have developed a range of workshops which are centered around topics that exemplify how modern fascia research grounds and evolves our work as movement professionals. Within the Pilates world these new discoveries lead to a deeper understanding of the original method developed by Joseph Pilates.

A number of colleagues have been coming for years to expand their knowledge in movement.

“The Pilates training with Joachim simply does me good. Joachim teaches precisely, generous and with attention to detail. I always feels safe and supported. In addition Joachim always answers all my questions to anatomy and movement well and explains things in an eays way. For me his Pilates teaching is beneficial for me personally and as a Pilates teacher. Joachim I am truly thankful.A.K. (translated by J.S.)

“The biggest challenge in my work as physiotherapist has always been to get a feel-sense of my patients posture and movement patterns. Through the CPM concept and the discovery of the myofascial continuities this has become much easier.  Joachim however in addition aspires to encounter each human being holistically. Primarily it is about the reintegration of lost movement space, to find and increase the space for the breath or to sense the fascial continuities in all their body encompassing length. As a result changes often happen all the way deep into the personal being. This is the aspect, that I greatly appreciate in my work with Joachim. He works in this very empathically, sensitively and motivating.” D.O. (translated by J.S.)