Structural Integration – ATSI

Structural Integration KMI Joachim Schultz
Joachim Schultz
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“As a client I much appreciated the work with Joachim. He tackles the issues with sensitivity. It is important to him to discover the root cause. One can strongly sense his fascination with all things human. Physical and other transformations are a source of joy for him as well as me. The sessions in structural integration were well worth the trip.  Thank you.” 

M.F. Spyraldynamikerin, Bern

I integrate Sharon Wheeler’s Scar Work and Bone Work into my structural integration sessions

ATSI comprises a series of 12 neuro-myo-fascial manipulation treatments.

It can be impressively effective in the treatment of chronic and acute pain.

Over-use habits of the movement apparatus are successively resolved and a natural balance, alignment, length and easiness reestablished.

The fascial tissue is freed and repositioned. The relating movement patterns are reintegrated, the new easy position becomes the new normal.

In 12 sessions you will learn, how your body can move and react easier. Tensional states and pain issues resolve.

Sometimes single sessions or a series of a few lead to results to resolve pain, the lasting effect tends to be easier achieved with a whole series.

“Physical personality is reflected in psychological personality. So, too, physical movement colours psychological behaviour. Through movement, human sense the driving force of change. Movement is the physical acceptance of change; awareness of this tends to be below the individual’s consciousness awareness. For the therapist of the psyche as well as the for the therapies dealing with the physical man, the goal is appropriate moment. Psychotherapist senses immobility in the dimension of time rather than of space. The individual bogged down, unmoving in time, unable to escape from his infantile or adolescent assumptions or traumata, manifest these physically as well as psychologically. His lack of movement, his general or localized rigidity, are unequivocal in their statement. Movement induced in the physical body will losing psychological chains. The job of the psychotherapist that’s become easier.”

Ida Rolf chapter 10 Function is Movement