Craniosacral Therapy for Babies, children & Family

Sébastien Chaboute
mobile: 076 336 17 93

The deferential and gentle treatment and encounter of clients brought me to craniosacral therapy. This deferential contact I appreciate especially in the treatment of children. 

The child is in the centre and all procedures and treatment steps I impart appropriate to the child’s age.  

I favour a cooperation with the child’s parents if that seems useful. The child’s treatment is obviously the main priority. In my experience however the child improves quicker if the parents are part of the process.

Craniosacral therapy can amongst others help children with:

  • The resolution of birth trauma, e.g. cesarian section, umbilical cord entanglements, pre-term delivery, anaesthesias 
  • Cry babies  & wryneck
  • Tonus problems (hyper-, hypotonus, asymetries)
  • After-care following accidents or heavy illnesses 
  • Poor eyesight, Schielen…
  • Accompagning treatment for tooth and jaw regulation 
  • Postural problems
  • Frequent re-uccuring infects
  • pain-issues, like head and limb pain 

Während der Schwangerschaft wirkt die Craniosacral Therapie unterstützend für Mutter und Kind.

Paolo my Segugio Italiano

Animal assisted therapy for children

In some situations my dog Paolo, a 9 year old Seggugio Italiano,  assists to strengthen and gain new ressources of the child. He is a gentle and relaxed dog who enjoys cuddles.