Sébastien Chabouté

Craniosacral Therapie Sébastien ChaboutéLife is a journey, Enjoy every Smile.
I see my life as a permanent movement going from Logistic Manager in an airline then to a pharmaceutical company, from a dancer to a choreograph, from a runner to a triathlete, from painting to the creation of the method Art Coaching… My search as be long to find what moves my heart until a came upon a method that changed my life, the Craniosacral Therapy… And it was the start a a wonderful journey.

I discovered Craniosacral Therapy through the Osteopathy. As a runner and a dancer, I was using osteopathy as a profilax and a treatment of injuries. When I discovered what my therapist was doing and that this separate form was called Craniosacral Therapy, I was hooked… The feeling of a deep and efficient  action of this subtile method on a physical, physiological and psychological level fascinated me and I yearned to study it and to become a practitioner.  This method helped me to go through difficult times and to find a good balance in my life. I appreciate the power of this respectful & gentle way of helping people through their process and to support them on there way to a sustainable.

Painting is part of my life, as long I can remember, and with dancing, singen and acting, in a way, it is another language and expression I love to use.  It helped my express sentiments and feelings that i could express otherwise at the time and helped me grow in the person I am now. Strong of this experience I developed gradually the method Art Coaching, that helps to connect to the true potential of a person and deal with different processes on the way, in a playful and innovativ way. 

In my practice, I came upon emotions, negativ emotions, from the side of my clients and sometimes I reacted to them was faced with the influence of this emotions on the body (Trauma, Stress, Psychological unbalance…) Searching for a method that could help me care better for my clients, I met the creator of the LPE method, that help me clean my emotional memory and follow my own process, which I am proud to now be able to offer to my clients.