Fast subconscious change with simultaneous conscious insight. 

Joachim Schultz
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Psych-K connects the workings of both halves of the brain. An integrated brain function is a pre-requisite for an successful learning and life.  die Arbeit beider Gehirnhälften. 

During a Psych-K session kinesiological tests are used as bio-feedback system to align the conscious and subconscious onto one single goal.

Psych-K helps to discover, remove and change emotional blockages and sub-conscious belief systems that stand in our way.

What is Psych-K

Psych-K is a highly efficient,  non-invasive & inter-active change-process method. 

Life-restricting belief systems are targeted and changed quickly and permanently.  

PSYCH-K comprises divers processes that can be used on a daily basis. It is like a „psychological and energetical tooth brushing“, which brings body, mind and soul into balance.  As such Psych-K is more than a method, it as a path. 

PSYCH-K was brought into the world in 1988 by Rob Williams. He, a manager and psychotherapist,  worked with Psych-K methods  for a long time in single sessions until he was absolutely overrun. 

At a certain point he decided to educate people in Psych-K processes. As part of this resolution to become more public, he met Bruce Lipton at a congress. Bruce was fascinated by Rob’s demonstration of a fast and easy habit change.    

Bruce Lipton’s research focusses amongst other things on the imprinting we receive in the first years of our live through our environment without having conscious influence on them. In PSYCH-K he recognised an answer to a question that he was asked often: How do I use the knowledge of the influences my experiences as a child had?  How can I consciously create my behaviour and  my life as I wish it to be?