Pilates & Movement for Musicians

Music has been a constant in my life. I have a private singing education and half a music highschool diploma in opera singing.  hat mich mein Leben lang begleitet. I have played and play diverse instruments admittedly on trather a lay person level. 

To work with professional ambitious lay musicians is a special joy and challenge for me.  

«The work with Joachim has special meaning to me. As a singer he can tune into my needs, as he fully understands the ways professional musicians work for hours with their instrument – in my case seated – and knows of the special problems that arise. He has an incredible sensitivity for even the smallest physical short comings, body tensions and aberrations, and picks up instantly on the influences these tensions have on the rest of the body. N.S. (translated by J.S.)

Topics to be addressed could be: 

  • The instrument and I, the joined discovery of optimal movement patterns with the instrument 
  • Connection, force transmission and flow; how does my body become permeable for the music and sways with me and my instrument? 
  • How do I support adequately to the demand, for my voice to literally being carried by my body, to lend it wings and simultaneously ground it? 

My aim in the work with musicians is to balance the challenges of the instrument / the voice with the requirements and adaptation mechanisms of the body in a way, that allows long-term for a free and easy music-making without leading to stress or strain reactions within the body. 

Our body is a system that adapts to every task. In the field of instrumental music that means, that the body adapts to the requirements of the instrument and its needed movements. In this respect one can look at music-making as being a professional athlete in sports there are helpful and less than helpful adaptations. The latter can lead to pain issues and other limitations, which can compromise the ability to make music tremendously.