Pilates, Fascia & Bio-Tensegrity

REalEASE fascia training Pilates bio-tensegrity Albisrieden
Demonstrating tensegrity models during a workshop

“I met Joachim as I started my second Pilates trainer education at Centre for Spatial Medicine. I travelled to Zurich to take private Pilates sessions at Joachim’s nice studio many times in the 3 past years. Joachim has always been very generous in sharing his knowledge with a high level of professionalism. His observative eye and understanding mind could always directly understand what my needs were. I’ve always finished the sessions with new understanding of the exercises on my body. He is a brilliant teacher who is close to his students, in a stimulating, inspiring and encouraging way. I’m looking forward to continue to visit Joachim on a regular basis for PT’s or workshops.” Nicole P.

I would like to help you to discover how your body functions and “listens” and how you can distribute all forces that are acting on you evenly into your system.

Pilates comprehensively trains the movement repertoire needed by our bodies in all of life’s challenges. It is a method, to encounter all challenges life throws our way pain-free and strong with resilience, flexibility and adaptability.

Pilates can help with:

  • Postural Problems
  • chronic and acute pain syndroms
  • performance enhancement in sport
  • Awareness training
  • changing and simplifying movement patterns
  • Whole body integration
  • rehabilitation after accidents
  • and many more
Pilates Control Balance in tensegrity, done by R. a student

a special challenge and source of joy is my work with musicians:

«The work with Joachim has special meaning to me. As a singer he can tune into my needs, as he fully understands the ways professional musicians work for hours with their instrument – in my case seated – and knows of the special problems that arise. He has an incredible sensitivity for even the smallest physical short comings, body tensions and aberrations, and picks up instantly on the influences these tensions have on the rest of the body. N.S. (translated by J.S.)

The work with clients who have limitations in their movement apparatus is as challenging and rewarding to me:

«To cope with the challenge of living with a cerebral walking disability, my body has come up with numerous strategies.  A lot of them compensate lacking motor patterns with high muscular and mental effort. Through the work with Joachim I realize these strategies and learn alternatives that are less strength consuming in using bio-mechanical principles.  I was particularly impressed by Joachim’s fast and detailed understanding of my complex and atypical movement patterns.” T.T. (translated by J.S.)

The known efficiency of the method developed by Joseph Pilates becomes scientifically grounded through fascia research and the bio-tensegrity concept.

Force transmission through and into the tissue needs communication of the tissue. This communication is channeled through the fascial connective tissue which comprises every cell, all muscles, ligaments and tendons and everything in between.

pilates albisrieden REalEASE Fascia training bio-rensegrity
Pilates equipment @REalEASE Albisrieden

The fascial net in our body is all encompassing and reacts to outer and inner signals. Through attention and awareness of inner and outer processes we are able to influence the system in such a way that unfortunate movement patterns dissolve and are replaced by highly efficient new patterns.

Our Bio-tensegrity (tension + integrity) built allows for high stability with minimum weight of the bones, as our fascial connective tissue holds us together and apart in expansion. In the ideal world, this allows every structure space and none becomes overly strained.

Pain and tension issues through less ideal movement habits dissolve if space is (re-)created between bones.

To approach everything with ease, be it a marathon or the work in the garden, a skiing competition or a family dinner, a party or holidays in a canoo is our goal together.