Pilates – Contrology Pilates Method (CPM)

Pilates Zürich Joachim SchultzI use the Pilates method to help you discover that as humans, we are physical beings who can be resilient, flexible, adaptable, pain free and strong in all eventualities life is throwing at us.

Humans are fascinating. The ability of the body to adapt to everything life is throwing at us I find truly amazing.

I discovered the Pilates method in 2002 and became a teacher in 2005. From then on my path took me from “classical” to “contemporary“ and back to “classical” and at the same time into all the newest and old but relevant research into body mechanics, anatomy and the brand new old world of fascia.

pilates zurichThanks to Centre for Spatial Medicine / CPM and Karin Locher I discovered the true depth of the method, starting in 2012 and am grateful to have joined the faculty of teachers to carry our work to other trainers who want to come along on this path.

Here you find links to our workshop flyers of our events in Zurich, the UK and Europe, for the rest of the world please refer to the www.centreforspatialmedicine.com

Pilates in the original approach is quite all encompassing concerning movement modalities, and very clear and distinct about execution of exercises. The reason behind the particulars of foot and hand positions for example, set out in detail by Joseph Pilates himself, become very clear, when looked through the lens of fascia.

Force transmission is depending on communication through the tissues. The communication goes through the fascia, which makes up every cell of your body, your muscles and joints and ligaments and everything in between.

pilates albisriedenCommunication happens through constant contact, and here we join again with Joseph Pilates specifications. My aim with the method is beyond a standard modern fitness training approach. Pilates is so much more. Joseph Pilates called it contrology, and his books are called “Your Health” and “Return to Life”, not “Get Strong Abs, Firm Gluts and Trim Legs”. While this in general happens along the way, the method was developed, to put you into a truly balanced place within you and within your world. This is my goal. To help you discover, how your body works bio-mechanically, how you can put load through your system and properly distribute force into the whole body, so that everything has space, nothing is overworked, and pain created through unfortunate habits and movement patterns have a chance to dissolve.

Which means you get more resilient dealing with internal and external stressors, and with ever increasing awareness of your body’s natural balance, you move closer to your personal ease within you.

pilates zurich realeaseTo be able to do everything with ease, be it a marathon or cooking for the family, is for you to discover during our work. I don’t subscribe to the “no pain no gain” mantra. And if you are looking for a pure fitness type Pilates trainer, you might not be interested. If on the other hand you carry around constant or intermittent pain, you find it hard to relax and sleep, you find yourself tiring quickly and everything you have to do, seems to have a lot of effort, I look forward to hear from you.

If you are after more information about this type of Pilates work, please visit the site Centre for Spatial Medicine