LPE Libération Psycho-Emotionnelle

Libération Psycho-Emotionelle - Emotional Release Zürich Sébastien Chabouté

Libération Psycho-Emotionnelle


LPE is a method developed by Estelle Daves

Libération Psycho-Emotionnelle (LPE) is a method based on the combination of different approaches, including Psychosomatic and Erickson Hypnosis. LPE an holistic form of therapy. Its goal is not only to treat but to go to the roots of a symptom to facilitate a proper healing process, taking in account a person in its totality, in order to restore the harmony from a physical as well as psychological aspect

What is LPE Liberation Psycho-Emotionnelle?

  • It helps to find the origin of the illness or the repetitive patterns in the life of a person
  • It works directly at the emotional and sensory level to help discovering the story of an illness or a problem
  • It goes directly to the root of the matter in a swift and efficient way, in this way helping to go further than the superficial eradication of pain and symptoms
  • It is a powerful tool to cleanse the emotional memory into which past wounds have been engraved, creating disharmony.
  • It helps to reach a true healing so that the symptoms need not to be dealt with again and again in a repetitive cycle.

Symptoms are the expression of our subconscious. Troubling thoughts, feeling and emotions we cannot or will not express, will leave their mark within our cells.

Whether there is a feeling of sickness or a state of severe illness, there is generally a deeper cause to be found, be it physical or psychological. The former reason is mostly due to too much strain on the body or conversely a lack of physical challenges. But when there is no apparent physical reason, one has to look at the possibility of there being psychological and more precisely emotional reasons.

When we are feeling pain, our body is causing us trouble, or an illness or uneasy feeling is taking over, it could mean that our body is trying to express itself and tries to be heard. Listening to our body and decoding the messages it sends us will enable us to find the negative emotions and feelings, which are hidden behind the dysfunction we are dealing with.

Negative emotions or inner conflicts that have not been solved or have been repressed have a destabilizing impact on our health.

Pain, illness or sickness can be seen as signs of disharmony within our body and our self. Fighting the symptoms without working at the cause is like switching off the fire alarm without extinguishing the fire.

How does it work?

A session usually lasts 90 minutes. The session follows a two step protocol.

The first step looks into the history of the current state, aiming to go to the very beginning of the now as illness or sickness presenting problem.

During the second step the client is in a state of waking hypnosis to be able to circumvent conscious defences and at the same time remain well connected with his emotions. In this state he or she is guided towards the discovered negative emotional event that has caused the current symptoms. The emotions are readdressed by allowing the adult to guide his former younger self to a different interpretation of the event, due to which the negative emotion is released.

This method can be applied in English, German, Swiss-German and French.