ATSI© – Anatomy Trains Structural Integration

Structural Integration KMI Joachim SchultzThe ATSI ( former KMI) series helps you to discover and change your less beneficial habits and patterns, to enable change within yourself and to find easiness of movement and depth of breath in all of life’s challenges.

In brief, ATSI  is a series of in general 12 sessions. The structure systematically changes your body’s mechanics, your posture and your movement habits, if they are deviated from a natural place of ease. The manipulation is dealing mainly with the connective tissue (fascia). The approach is deep and slow in general, but encompasses a lot of stroke modalities.

We discover together where the strain is residing in your body and force is not able to transmit through your system. This allows you body to rest easy within gravity, and movement and posture have the least effort possible.

You will be called upon to move, while on the table and bench. We will body read your system before every session, setting clear goals together, to enable you to track the work within you. To further the process you might be asked to work on some tasks during the period between sessions. That can be something like becoming aware of how you walk or stand, how you brush your teeth or shower, or some easy exercises to tune your body into a new normal, now open to explore through the manual work.

Structural Integration Zürich Joachim Schultz REalEASEYou have to be comfortable to be in front of me in your underwear for body reading and during treatment on table or bench.

If you are interested in Pilates work, read my words and thoughts on it. I find the integration of both modalities in my work very beneficial to my clients.

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