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Joachim Schultz
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The older I become, the more I discover what is and is not good for me. I also learn, which demands are my own, and which ones I follow because I feel compelled to due to my history. This has been and still is a not always easy process. I have discovered, that my work is only successful, if I am allowed to work in a quiet and contained space. Our studio mirrors this need.

The most exciting dynamic during individual training emerges for me, if I do not have other trainers with their clients around me, when I work. The depth and speed of the personal development of my clients since I can work from my own rooms at REalEASE is a testament to this important personal step. 

To learn, to further educate myself, to research, to constantly ask why, to not be content with “because it is like that, because it has always been done like this” is for me like breathing.

At the same time the steepest learning curve occurs in practice. During nearly every hour I teach, treat or give workshops, new insights arise through the senses not covered by intellectual learning.  

It is the fascination with the people that come to me, that turn my work to joy. 

To realise how similar and at the same time different we all are. How various our reactions to the same things are. How our bodies answers are shaped by our life, our history, the history of our parents and grandparents, the area we grew up in, our bio chemistry, our daily routine, our thoughts and emotions.

To recognise that we can influence this

Our body is a possible channel to influence these processes, as our personal history imprints through this channel. This is why my work focusses on the body 

Bodywork is my passion.

In my work ideas and manners, support and solution strategies often develop in the moment.

Existing knowledge has a big past in this. In addition, I often physically know or sense what needs easing or simplifying or where it pinches or hurts. Often, I receive more body-language than verbal communication. It might be a form of synaesthesia.  

To connect to the body, to realise how the body takes us on a journey into our history, if we allow it, to (re-)discover other channels through the body, this is where I can help. 

Journeys are varied, solutions often nuanced, individual and always part of a big picture. 

I enjoy working together with other modalities, however, I am not a friend of over-treating.

In the end I aim to help my clients to find more resilience out of their own strength. 

Too many therapists working simultaneously can lead to a sense of powerlessness towards one’s own conditions and therefor to dependency and excessive focussing on problems.

We are a complex system, and I am grateful for a network of Pilates colleagues and structural integrators, of doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, Feldenkrais practitioners, Spiraldynamik therapists, craniosacral therapists, process coaches and psychologists.  

I enjoy our sharing of experiences and knowledge and our cooperation which allows to give my clients the support needed to get (back) onto their own feet.