Sébastien Chabouté
mobile: 076 336 17 93
Craniosacral Therapy60 Min140,00
CST in Water60 Min140.00
+ 20.00 pool entrance 
CST Babies & children30 Min70.00
Jaw treatment30 Min70.00
Art Coaching4 hrs600.00 incl. Material

The first treatment lasts for about 90 minutes (45 with babies and children) the additional half hour is for screening purposes and to establish the treatment procedure and is at no extra cost.

I am EMR, Craniosuisse and OdaKT certified and the treatments are covered by complementary health insurance, please contact your health insurer, if you are uncertain about cost coverage.

Joachim Schultz
mobile: 078 890 88 58
Pilates55 – 60 Min160,00
Pilates Abo12 x 55 Min1750.00
ATSI75-80 Min180.00
ATSI Abo12 x 80 Min2000.00
Psych-K55-60 Min140.00
Pilates Mat Class max 5 part.50 Min35.00
Pilates Mat Class Abo12 x 50 Min380.00

Workshop costs

Workshops Intern 4-6 participants 3 hrs.150.00
Workshops Intern 4-6 participants4 hrs200.00
Workshops Intern 4-6 participantsFull day
7 hrs
Workshop Extern 3 hrs600.00 + transport & accommodation
Workshop Extern 4 hrs750.00 + transport & accommodation
Workshop ExternFull day
7 hrs
1300.00 + transport & accommodation

I have the experience, tagte I work best in Workshop situations with up to 10 people, and in general limit the number of participants to this number, depending on topic that number might go down to 4-6.

I only consider teaching workshops in locations, that I can reach by train. this includes most fo Europe for me. Joachim

The following rates apply for both of us, if you want to book us as a presenter:

Workshop Extern  3 hrs600.00 + Travel & accommodation
Workshop Extern 4 hrs750.00 + Travel & accommodation
Workshop ExternWhole day
7 hrs
1300.00 + Travel & accommodation

All Prices are given in Swiss Francs. Costs for students and the unemployed can be adapted.