A space for bodywork, manual therapy and coaching

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Space for Manual Therapy, Bodywork & Coaching

Positive changes in quality of life, more resilience and the reduction or removal of bodily, psychological or emotional aches and pains are our goal.

In our space for bodywork, manual therapy and Coaching we take time to care for our clients in a comforting environment.

We offer Pilates, Anatomy Trains© Structural Integration (ATSI), Craniosacral therapy, LPE Libération Psycho-Emotionnelle, Centre for Spatial Medicine© and CPM Education© Workshops and Coaching

Pilates / KMI Joachim Schultz, joachim@real-ease.ch,
078 890 88 58

Albisriederstrasse 361
8047 Zürich
Tel: 043 817 46 77

Craniosacral therapy / Art Coaching / Libération Psycho-Emotionelle – Sébastien Chaboute sebastien@mementovivere.ch,
076 336 17 93