A space for bodywork, manual therapy and coaching

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Information regarding Coronavirus:

After the Swiss state decision to declare a national emergency on 16.04.2020 we close the practice until the 19.04.2020. We are available for online coaching for the methods that work through video conferencing

New in 2020:

Joachim Schultz & Sébastien Chabouté

Joachim Schultz, joachim@real-ease.ch
mobile: 078 890 88 58
Sébastien Chaboute sebastien@mementovivere.ch
mobile: 076 336 17 93

Positive changes in quality of life, more resilience and the reduction or removal of bodily, psychological or emotional aches and pains are our goal.

In our space for bodywork, manual therapy and Coaching we take time to care for our clients in a comforting environment.

We offer:

amongst others these methods help with:

  • Pain syndroms, chronic or acute
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Grinding of teeth
  • Lazy eye and wry neck in children
  • Scars
  • Bone healing
  • Stress management
  • postural and movement problems
  • performance enhancement in sport
  • Emotional blocks

“ I have been treated at Seb & Jo’s multiple times. As I exercises a lot ( Marathon/Triathlon) I often require help with the improvement of my posture or with the treatment of injuries or tensional states.  I feel in safe hands here on all occasions. Thanks to Joachim’s Pilates coaching I have developed a much more efficient running style. In addition, he has lifted tensions from my body through ATSI work, so that my muscles can work with more ease. Sébastien has  treated me with craniosacral therapy and emotional support repeatedly. His skills have been useful to me as well. Due to his work, my recovery time after competitions or injuries has proved much reduced. I can highly  recommend both individually or as a team!” B.D.(translated by J.S.)

info@real-ease.ch       Telefone: 043 817 46 77, Albisriederstrasse 361,
8047 Zürich