Centre for Spatial Medicine – CPM Education

 I am faculty member of  Centre for Spatial Medicine and CPM Education their Teacher Training branch. REalEASE is an affiliated studio.

 Here are the links to the upcoming workshops CFSM is offering in Zurich



Centre for Spatial Medicine  is known the world over as a visionary organisation, uniting movement and rehabilitation professionals from all modalities, through the recovery of neuro-fascial insights, with a new means for therapeutic and performance application.

Let the body be and shift your mind to Spatial Medicine, a medicine far more appropriate for 21st century symptoms and syndromes, the medicine of inter-structural space and relationship.

Improve your own teaching methods – bring learning from your neuro-fascia and Spatial Medicine into your life – pay attention to your awareness and be ahead of the game.


It reveals your own awareness of the new body paradigm – in action and through experience

Restores fascial continuity for efficient distribution.

Teaches you a sensory language, a means for you to intercommunicate with your fascial tissue – self.

Recovers re-connection enabling the restoration of the auto -regulatory system, that which is fascia

Offers pioneering new in-sights for rehabilitation (re-enabling-habitation) and the recovery of chronic pain and dis-ease.

If you are after more information about this type of Pilates work, please visit the site Centre for Spatial Medicine